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VR Game Park by Varonia

Enter a virtual world!


Equipped with your virtual reality headset, with its 360-degree horizon, you will experience unique sensations in a 200m2 room where you can evolve up to 6 players maximum, in imaginary worlds, in total immersion and being interconnected sans cable stress.


Several experiences are available:


> Participatory zombie game (you are playing as a team for your survival)


> The Virtual Arctic Expedition (up to 4 players)

This is a collaborative educational experience to raise your awareness of the impact that global warming could have on the fauna and flora in the depths of the Arctic Ocean.


> The Wild Odyssey (up to 6 players)

This is a collaborative educational experience allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the natural environment of several animal and wild species. This experience is divided into several chapters, and the first proposed takes place in the African savannah.


> The Legend of Faragor (up to 6 players)

Last added experience, this new collaborative adventure game immerses you in the magical world of Faragor, in the role of magicians, fighting to save Adrielle, a Night Elf imprisoned by the Dark Lord. You embody one of elemental magicians (Fire, Ice, Lightning, etc...) to fight and repel infernal hordes, and legendary creatures...and new adventures are coming regularly !


> Contagion Origin

Come and test the latest delirious version in the basement, in the metro and in a helicopter... thrills guaranteed...


> VR Escape Game (NEW)


15€ per session (Games of your choice from 10 years old)

20€ Original (30 mins)

15€ Experience (From 8 years old)

Price per person and per game played.

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